Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sydän saaliina. Romanssihuijarit verkossa out on the International Women's Day (8.3) in Finland

There is absolutely nothing that compares to the message I just got from my Finnish publisher Docendo. My new book SYDÄN SAALIINA. Romanssihuijarit verkossa (Heart as Pray. Romance Scammers Online) will be out on the International Women's Day in Finland. That is on Thursday the 8th of March! I am going! And it can be already preordered from here.

I am so stoked that they have chosen the International Women's Day as the publication date. I mean that it is my life's purpose to help especially women to empowerment, any way I can. And what day would be better than the International Women's Day to celebrate my new book?

This years theme for the day in Australia is: Leave No Woman Behind. It reminds us that there is much suffering in the world. So many people face disasters. Especially women are struggling all over the world and even though that we might have it fine and dandy in our everyday life, others have it much worse and need our help. And it is not only the women in the so called developing countries, it can be happening in your own neighbourhood. I base my knowledge on research on facts when I say:

Apart from being a refugee or caught by a tsunami or war or some other disaster, someone might be suffering from domestic violence, or from sexual abuse. Many are, right next door! Or, someone has been scammed by a romance scammer who discuises himself (mostly) as a good person from his targets own neighbourhood. Some victims to fraud have lost lots of money to scammers. Some others who have fallen to the fraudsters manipulations have lost no money, but have a broken heart and cannot get over the trauma. It might take years or a lifetime.

This is where you as a WOMAN can come into the picture. Leave no woman behind! Engage yoursel! Call your friends, invite them to your life from their misery. Especially if you know that they might be a victim of violence or fraud. Make sure that you are caring and understanding to their needs. No advise should be given that places you above the victims of trauma.

If you, yourself feel strong and fine, it is great. If your own emotional world is strong enough to take the heat and delite the suspisious frauster looking mail, and social media friendship offers, good on you! If you are strong enough to leave a violent situation behind, even better. It places you to a position of power and you can use this power by helping to empower other women who feel emotionally downtrodden and vulnerable. No need to clout. Instead, offer them informed advise, based on true facts and research. Read my book. It is soon available both in English and in Finnish. Just go to my Website to get more information.

As a woman, I feel strongly about building women's communities around the world. I feel strongly that there should be space for us to discuss our troubles and get encouragement to be the best we can be. And it is with other women that I have experienced the empowering presence, the caring communal feelings and the dedicated mutual efforts to make this world a little bit better place to life for all of us.

Leave No Woman Behind. Lets make a conscious resolution to be more aware and to keep on educating ourselves about the burning women's issues of the world. Lets make a conscious resolution to engage and commit ourselves to helping other women to reach our full potential.

Start preparing for the celebration! Finland, start preparing for my book. It will be explosive and hopefully it will make you think, recover, heal, engage and act for other women, so that no-one is left behind.

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