Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sydän saaliina. Romanssihuijarit verkossa. My new book will be published in Finland early in 2018

  Here it is folks! Tässä se on!
The cover for my new book, an extened and in my mind much improved Finnish translation of my first book LOVE ON THE LINE. How to Recover from Romance Scams Gracefully and without Victimisation,

  SYDÄN SAALIINA. Romanssihuijarit verkossa. (Heart as Pray. Romance Scammers Online). I certainly like the title. We pondered about it for a while. Everyone in my family got involved and voted, like they all voted for the best cover. Docendo then decided what was the best one from the marketing point of view. Sydän saaliina has been translated in the wonderful cooperation with my ex-husband Arto. It was a great experience working through Skype and the whole thing worked quite well. What was really, really exchausting was the rereading and correcting my spelling mistakes.

 Working on different systems can be a hardship since the Word works in different ways depending on the environment. Learning to do tracking changes and colour words. It certainly thought me a lot.

  In Sydän saaliina my audience in Finland can learn about my story. How I became a victim of a Romance Scammer and how I recovered by writing and changing the storyline to my own love story, complete with a happy ending..

 It is recommended that people who have gone through a traumatic experience write their story anew. I learned it a long time ago through the Internsive Journaling practice. During the writing of my book I heared it from the 2015 Sydney Peace Prize winner George Gittoes. And just this week I heard it from Dr Sharad P. Paul, when he was discussing his book The Genetics of Health with Matt Wells on his Slacking Ambition radio program. He also said that writing your own story will give you a larger view and context to your own life situation. This will help you to understand your traumatic situation better and help you to look for recovery methods. Seeing the bigger picture shifts your perspective and enables action.

  It worked for me and to help others in the same situation or those who want to educate themselves about fraud, I wrote my book. In fact my second book is almost there. I am very exited about writing my next HEARTS BETRAYED book. It is getting along as planned and expected to come out in 2018 as well .

  Watch this space for more information or go to my website.