Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Take Advantage of Experiencing Failure and Become Unstoppable

What do you do if you want to be unstoppable?
You look at the things you have failed before. Preferably you make a list of your most phenomenal failures and contemplate over why, where, when and what to do about them. Because, what you now might think as your most profound failure in life could become your best ever success, yet. That is, if you set goals, make a plan and execute it with some courageous effort. 

At Brisbane, October, 'Howling at the Moon', Unstoppable Women's evening, we had a theme that looked into these failures. We shared stories about how to turn phenomenal failure into success. As I was filling in the discussion questionnaire, I commented to my friend, sitting next to me that lately, I felt like I was on top of my failures. And then it hit me! 

My phenomenal failure, in the past had been three things 
First, due to dyslexia, I always would feel like a failure in expressing myself in writing and by words as well. Sometimes, I would be overwhelmed by the English language which I just felt I could not master. I felt that I never could be perfect. So a phenomenal failure in Finnish, Swedish and English. What a bomber! 

Secondly, I had always wanted to write a book but had not done so because I sabotaged myself by believing that the deed was too hard to accomplish. Particularly in the English language. It followed that  I never completed a book about my 15 years of research into violence against women even though I mentored others to write theirs. That was my first "failure."

Another failure was never to have finished my PhD in the History of Ideas, despite completing the  fieldwork for it and interviewing 99 Scandinavian born Finnish women in Australia: a second phenomenal failure. But how to turn it around? Would there be a way to correct this mistake? 

And talking about mistake, oh yes. My third failure has been my ever yoyoing weight management skills. Up and down, high and low depending on my emotional state at any particular time. 

Thinking about these failures, I realised that yes, the Universe had intervened from all fronts. The impulse to share my experience on how to recover from romance scams overshadowed everything. The drive was there, and when there is the will, the opportunity opens up through planned action. I was inspired to start with the end in mind and that created a pathway to the resulting product, my book: 'Love on the Line. How to Recover from Romance Scams with Dignity and without Victimisation'. I even visualised the pink cover for it. I was determined not to be a victim and not to look like one either. That is how the third failure was taken care of. 

By the time the circumstances were created for my pathway, I had already learned from all kind of intelligent thinking persons. Napoleon Hill had inspired me to recite daily his suggested Self-Confidence Formula. And my networking had taught me about the definite purpose statement as a means to creating pathways to the vision about my future. It always included writing a book and becoming a healthy person. Admittedly, I had know all of that before, but I was never inspired enough to really set my goals and my efforts to serve the same end: becoming unstoppable in being a success story. I learned that people are drawn to human lives. My story will be worth reading about. And why? 

Because it contains everything I have learned about the subjects: personal experience about online romance scams, personal approach based on my now over 25 years of observing of how to understand WHY in our society there is such vulnerability that requires half the humanity to be available to the other half to exploit. Most of all it has a creative solution for how to heal yourself through the energies created by the community of my family, friends, acquintances and circumstances. It is a journey that is gaining momentum. It will be self-published, but it is set as a project with a reliable publishing company, Xlibris. And not only that - there will be a sequel, to go deeper into it - to answer the question of how to meet real people in the real world. Because love is at stake. Right now! 

So, let's turn our profound failures into our best ever success stories. Let's plan with the happy end in mind, filled with compassion. According to the science of Quantum paradigm and Epigenetics a happy ending is as likely as a miserable one. So let's choose our own happy ending and put all our effortless effort in to make it a reality.

In the Novevember 'Howling at the Moon' the theme is 'Being Unstoppable'. I urge you to come and share your story with other unstoppable women. 

Love on the Line, my story, can be followed on my Facebook page @ Author Elina Juusola or Twitter @ejuusola and very soon on my new website @
The book will soon be available through all possible channels, especially through Xlibris