Current projects

Hi, I am Elina,
I specialize in understanding the world we live in right now. I partner with people who have the most cutting edge, futuristic vision to help others to start the process of recovery and further empowerment after surviving the trauma of Internet Fraud.
I pick out the most advantageous threads, write books, develop projects and programs for my audience to help them become aware and observant in the digital world and in faced with traumatic experiences.

I am passionate about helping people to navigate the pitfalls of the rabidly changing human consciousness, right now! ūüėÄ

Myy book on Internet Fraud. Look for LOVE ON THE. LINE, How to Recover from a Romance Scam with Dignity and without Victimisation. It is available on  as well as all the other publishers, digitally and in print.  I am now already working on the independent sequel.

Please check my Website for more information and links

Currently I do:
1. My book LOVE ON THE LINE  will help you to understand Romance Scams in relation to our modern life online and give you a  creative method for recovery.
"The book is a remarkable ride to recover from romance scams with personal power and innovative feminist flair."

2. I am now already in the process of writing the second part or the second installment to the book with a working tittle of LOVE ON THE LINE 2. about empowerment after surviving fraud.

3. I can be booked as a speaker about Internet Fraud. Go through my Website to contact me.

My new book Syd√§n saaliina. Romanssihuijarit verkossa. an extenced version of the Love on the Line book will be published in Finnish through Docendo on the 8th of March, 2018. It is the INternational Women's Day.  I am really excited! :)