Saturday, March 29, 2014

Contemplation on Upcycling: How to make used aluminum cans into pretty and useful things.

This year I have had some time to contemplate on how to engage myself in contributing into ecologically intelligent action.

Have you ever thought how much effort goes into designing and producing pleasantly looking aluminum cans for those who want to drink, whatever they now want to drink, out of them? It's a huge effort.

Instead of just dumbing the cans into rubbish or recycling them into new cans we should maybe appreciate the variety and use this already well though out resource by making something even prettier or useful out of them.

Used aluminum is very versatile material. Once you get over the safety issues on how to cut the cans without cutting yourself into useful bits, sky is the only limit to what you can use them for in crafty projects.

Making roses out of the cans, for example is one of my favorite means for relaxation. Just adding a layer upon layer of petals and bending the metal to my liking produces a pretty flower and besides fills me with happiness and a feeling of accomplishment.

For example IKEA sells a very useful product that can be used to store all the equipment for a crafty person. I keep all my sharp knives and other items there so that they are out of the reach of my grand children. I also have a traveling bag in order to carry my basic equipment everywhere where I go.

You never know where you can find cans and the best way to carry them with you is by cutting them into flat pieces. You can use some heavy books to flatten them. After that, they will go easily into suitcases and bags.

For a craft enthusiast, suitable materials can be found anywhere. Big festivals are a marvel for those who want variety. People drink but do not want to clean up. You can contribute by cleaning the place and choosing the ones you want for your own products.

Most of my friends know that I love making things out of cans, so they save me their cans and sometimes I have quite a few. Then I need to come up with new ideas on what to make out of them. In itself, that can be a quite a challenge.

I have found out, though, that the Internet is the best ever companion on how to find new ideas. Pinterest is just full of them. There are so many blogs that are devoted to DIY recycling ideas that a genuine enthusiast won't be short of them.

So, why not join the crowd and start upcycling with those who are already doing it. You could start by liking my Facebook page at

And most of all enjoy the relaxation such a lovely hoppy can bring.

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