Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 10th World Congress of the Theosophical Society, Rome, Italy,

“Universal Brotherhood without distinction: a road to awareness”

Invitation to participate:

Many might hold an opinion that people should be practical and do things that really advance their daily life, like building a house, a garden, buying a needed car, or repairing that car in order to get to work to earn money for food and rent and ordinary daily living expenses. Some form of entertainment expenses like movies or restaurants might still be acceptable as practical action in daily life. But what about if one spends their money, seemingly unavailable, takes time off work and flies to the other side of the world, may it be Rome, to participate in a Congress that talks about Brotherhood as an ideal for the betterment of the humanity? Is it useful? Can this action further one’s practical daily living or work experience?

I certainly find it can. It is wonderful to sit in the assembly room, share the experiences and thoughts with others, those who have seriously thought about the theme of the Congress, share meals with friends from all over the world (from over 30 countries). It is refreshing to talk about the ideal of Brother/Sisterhood and confirm that it is still as Helena Blavatsky pointed out in her Key to Theosophy that only by ‘all men becoming brothers and all women sisters and together in Brotherhood and Sisterhood' we shall be able to form the nucleus of the 'Universal Brotherhood' of humanity.

Luckily, it is possible to partake through the Internet and so save your money for the daily living expenses. Only your time needs to be volunteered to watch and listen. Here is the link to the life feed of the Congress for all those interested to share:,316

Have a wonderful time, listening and please share your thoughts with me.
After the Congress, I am sure; the speeches can be bought as a DVD or listened through the Internet.

Suomeksi linkin Teosofisen seuran maailmankongressiin loytää Teosofisen seuran nettisivulta!

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