Monday, August 30, 2010

Having a great day at the Caddies Community Care Centre in Jimboomba

Demonstrating success towards attaining results in community capacity building

How would a great working day be defined? Is there a standard criterion? What would it take to say that a particular day in a working life has been great, wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable? Well, we had a day last week at Caddies in Jimboomba where I work, which in my mind can qualify as a grand day. Lucky for me, on that day we had a pleasure to be visited by Councillor Hajnal Black from the Logan City Council and I was equipped with a camera. As the day went on and the pictures piled up, its particular meaning suddenly became quite clear to me.

Is there a criterion for a great day at work?

For me a criterion is set by what kind of outcomes I would like to achieve from a successful day’s work. I have been pondering what makes a great day at work for other people. In my mind I would deem it a wonderful day if I can actually see a positive influence my work experience and commitment has on people and service outcomes. It would make the work worthwhile and would colour the day great.

As the Director for the organisation, I set my goals in relation to the mission, vision and the philosophy of the organisation. In this case the Jimboomba Community Care Association Inc which exists to enhance the wellbeing and social capital of our community. The Community Care Centre from where we operate is the centre of our activities in the area. From there we demonstrate our presence, our values and our commitment to the wellbeing of the community surrounding us. According to the 2006 census some 41000 people are anchored through our service provision to the community in the Logan and Beaudesert area. It is a huge challenge.

The organisational plan is set to encompass all our services: Caddies Care Services, Caddies Food Services, Caddies Community Welfare, Caddies Family and Youth Support Services, both funded and unfunded, and all the Caddies Community Care Centre activities. On the care service front our aim is to achieve an all-inclusive best practice, high quality service delivery and on the centre activities front a genuine presence in the community as a place to participate, meet and interact. My role is to lead the organisation to greater achievements and balanced service delivery for all in our community. Positive outcomes in an organisation can only be achieved by a great team effort, a committed Management Committee, staff and volunteer participation. First of all it requires attitude! Luckily, we have the IT factor. I can only commend the staff, volunteers and all involved in their commitment to the organisational outcomes.

Personally for me a great day is when I come home in the evening inspired, happy, full of future plans and ready for more. I might even take up some vacuum cleaning and cooking without any bother. Achieving organisational and personal goals, just for one day, calls for a celebration. My feeling is that we have now set the standard and can aim at repeating it again and again in rabid succession.

What did this remarkable day involve?

First and foremost the day was full of activities at Caddies Community Care Centre. The place was busting with children, parents, grandparents, volunteers and other visitors. The JCCA staff was at their most efficient and the facilities were in full use. Every function room, including the courtyard was occupied. The Food Pantry was busy, too. As the day happened to be the National Meals-on-Wheels Day, MOW staff and volunteers were celebrating. Now we know what we can achieve.

We greatly appreciate Councillor Black’s visit to the Caddies Community Care Centre. Through the day we got to demonstrate that well planed and defined cooperation with local council and community results in more community participation by the members of the said community. The pictures clearly show how much fun we had on the day and how good it turned out to be.

Parent/grandparents support group and the Chatterbox.

New Mothers group and Parents and Bubs Fun.

Caddies Meals-on-Wheels volunteers in training and at lunch.

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