Saturday, May 4, 2013

Contemplation on Changeology: My Changing Directions as a Wild Consultant

If You listen to experts and are used to following trends, then you know that our world is in turmoil and the change is just escalating and even thought to be out of control in some places.

You know how the technology is developing in such a pace that it is hard to keep up. Every time you think you are on top, new things have emerged. While you might be a proud owner of a 3D TV, you know that there is a 4K one available, whatever that means.

You think that your newest laptop with its terabyte of memory is a huge advantagement but at the same time you know to marvel on how the new USB stick can have the same amount in a piece of plastic looking like a dab of paint.

You also know how it takes time to understand about the full potential of social engagement on the net. It is just amazing how people can manage their connections at all with all these possibilities.

The big question is, how do you know what it the best course of action for you? Are you going to continue as if nothing is in the making as you always did or are you going to take the opportunity and change directions and get into the flow of it?
Lately, I have been pondering what would be the best course of action for me to do after finishing a rather long career at the helm of a community organisation in the business of creating, developing, implementing and offering community services, starting from age-care, through to youth and all the way to the prenatal concerns of the community.

By a common understanding, the most direct course of action would be to get another job, quite similar as before with possibilities for advancement. This would be able to take into account the long acquired leadership experience and most of the networked connections that have been acquired while working in the old job. My question is would it be the best action for me and would it be in line with my purpose in life?

I always wanted to make a difference, to aid in the transformation of human consciousness, to participate in changing the world for the better.

For a time as a director for a community organisation, I truly felt that it was a right place to be. The local community can be very inspiring and engaging in its process of change. It is a pleasure to be part of it. The satisfaction is to see that what you were working for actually was realized successfully. But is it enough? What about the world?

So, I went to learn about it some more:

Les Robinson, a very experienced former social marketing professional was having a workshop in what he calls 'Changeology' in Sydney, a couple week ago. Since it was on my traveling way, I was able to attend and participate and learn a few things, including what I could look into in my own goal setting.

For two days we talked about how to design projects that are aimed at changing people's behavior; how to facilitate focus group and how to make sense of the gathered information and put it into a form that would be most beneficial for the desired future of whatever we want to change.

I wished I would have known about this years ago. On the other hand I was able to reflect on what was done in my former organisation and think about how it could have been done better as an easier, more direct kind of process.

My experience in the community helped my understanding that the method Les presented can work in lots of projects, global and local. Adaptation is the key.

So, I decided to change the course of my life, although I was already pretty much on the way to do it anyway encouraged by many dear friends and collegues who have supported my decisions before this.

I am to go with the flow as a wild consultant aiming to help organisations, companies and people wanting to support good causes, especially helping children of the world to a better future.

I will start by traveling to Africa, Swaziland to be precise and by becoming a global engagement and inspiration collaborator in order to help orphans whose parents have died of AIDS.

I am looking forwards to new experiences and challenges around the world and will certainly share them in my blogs here. I am inviting you all to follow.

Thanks for the continuous support I have received from so many people that it is hard to mention them individually. Please, take this as a universal expression of gratitude and friendship to all and everyone who is reading my blogs and engaged in aiding the good and compassionate causes for the betterment of the world around us, locally and globally.

See you around!
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